Collected Romances – Free on Kindle at Christmas

'Collected Romances' free on Kindle 27 - 31 December

‘Collected Romances’ free on Kindle 27 – 31 December

To say a big thank you and wish a happy Christmas to all my readers, ‘Collected Romances,’ my anthology of seven short historical romances, will be free on Kindle from 27th to 31st December.

If you read and enjoy the collection, reviews, recommendations and ratings would be appreciated.  I was delighted to discover recently that somebody who had read ‘Three Medieval Romances’ had taken the time to rate and review not only it but the individual stories included in it, on Barnes and Noble’s site – that was really kind of them.  It also gives me a lot of insight when readers who’ve read my collected stories let me know which ones they prefer.  ‘Collected Romances’ includes both ‘clean’ and more ‘sensual’ stories, and I appreciate that many readers have preferences based on these genres, but I do hope that, if you read the collection, you will find some stories that you enjoy.

Happy Christmas!

Tips for Writing a Synopsis

Catherine E. Chapman:

Good advice on writing synopses from UK literary agent, Eve White:

Originally posted on The Eve White Blog.:

The synopsis is often the part of a submission authors are most apprehensive about. It is difficult to determine how to reduce your entire manuscript into just one page and how much of the plot to reveal. We hope that our comprehensive guide on how to write an effective synopsis will shed some light.

The aim of the synopsis is to guide us through the plot, so tell us exactly how your character gets from the beginning to the end, omitting anything that is not critical to the novel.

Don’t get caught up in extraneous detail – save it for your manuscript where you will be able to develop your ideas fully rather than underselling them in a few brief words in the synopsis.

Remember that this is a synopsis and not a blurb. We need to know what happens in the end, so that we can assess…

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RONR is Nearly 3! ‘High Sea’ Promo, Free Book Listings Sites and Book Review Blogs

'High Sea,' short Victorian romance, free on Amazon 12-16 November

‘High Sea,’ short Victorian romance, free on Amazon 12-16 November

As Romance Or Not Romance approaches its third birthday, I have decided to celebrate with a free promotion of my short Victorian romance, ‘High Sea.’  This will be the last one on Kindle Select so, Kindle users, grab it while you can!  The book will be free from Wednesday 12th to Sunday 16th November.

The impending anniversary has given me cause to reflect that the blog is now morphing somewhat from its original purpose as a platform to publicise my books, into a bit more of a writing / self-publishing blog.  Having now had some experience of the trials and tribulations of self-publishing, it seems natural to use RONR to summarise useful information I’ve found and, to some extent, to seek to inform other indie writers who are starting out or looking for guidance / inspiration.

To that end, I’ve improved my lists of links to other sites.  There is a category for Book Blogs and Other Sites, which contains links to the blogs of reviewers who’ve helped me along the way and to various sites that I have found useful, in terms of providing writing opportunities and guidance or services to authors.

I’ve also created a list of links to sites providing free listings for authors.  These are sites that may also provide paid promotional services but do have an element of free listings that I have found to be effective.  Some are sites where your book needs to be free to be included.  They all have their own submission criteria, so please study these carefully before submitting.  Many are forums that also provide scope for indie authors to promote their work.  Please bear in mind that forums have etiquette that you must observe – only posting promos in the designated threads, for instance.

I will keep these link lists updated and hope that writers find them useful for promotional purposes and that readers find them a rich source of free and bargain books!

Monday 27 October 2014

Catherine E. Chapman:

Jazzylemon’s Post to celebrate centenary of Dylan Thomas:

Originally posted on Free Kindle Books of the Day:

The 27th of October sparked the birth of two great poets, Dylan Thomas in 1914 (100 years ago today) and Sylvia Plath in 1932.

Dylan Marlais Thomas

(27 October 1914 – 9 November 1953)
Born in Swansea, Wales, and considered one of the best English-speaking poets of the 20th-century, Thomas worked as a journalist and a book reviewer until he established his reputation as a poet in the 1930s. He was a heavy drinker and a wonderful poetry reader whose works include the poems “Do not go gentle into that good night” and “And death shall have no dominion”, the “play for voices”, Under Milk Wood, and stories and radio broadcasts such as A Child’s Christmas in Wales and Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog. He became popular in his lifetime and remained so after his premature death in New York. In his later life he acquired a…

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Top 5 Tips for Getting Your Book Reviewed…

Catherine E. Chapman:

Ingrid Hall’s tips for authors on going about approaching reviewers:

Originally posted on Author Ingrid Hall:

Freedom full cover


It is a while since I have done a post on this blog that:

* 1. Is not a book review.

* 2. Is not a blatant promotional post for Freedom

Forgive me if I am a little rusty, and it is kind of linked, but here goes!

I am in the curious position at the moment of being a book reviewer that also desperately needs her own latest release reviewed and I have started the process that I am normally at the end of! While there are gazillions of sites offering reviews, the first port of call for any author looking for reviews, should be The Indie View.  This site contains the most comprehensive list of reviewers that I have ever come across – and is by far the most widely respected.

Forgive me if I switch hats a couple of times during this post! As a…

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Elizabeth Clansham

Catherine E. Chapman:

An extract from ‘Elizabeth Clansham,’ posted on LE Fitzpatrick’s Limelight Literature blog:

Originally posted on Limelight Literature:

Here’s an exclusive from Contemporary Woman’s novel Elizabeth Clansham by Catherine E Chapman and this book is free for the next few weeks so don’t forget if you like it download it now!

Browsing pulses in the tinned-foods aisle, thinking that a chilli would be a good pick-me-up for him and a peace offering to Dorothy, Angus became aware of a small, fair-haired girl watching him intently.

She stood at the end of his trolley, her head barely visible above it, but the bright red coat she wore barring him from going any further without acknowledging her. ‘Hullo,’ she said. ‘My name’s Lauren. What’s yours?’

‘Angus,’ he replied. ‘Did your mammy never tell you, you shouldn’t speak to strangers.’

‘You’re not strange,’ she said.

Angus laughed.

‘You’re quite hairy.’

He laughed again. ‘Where’s your mammy, then?’

‘Frozen foods,’ said Lauren.

‘Shouldn’t you go and find her?’ Angus suggested.

‘She’ll find…

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