Review of Elizabeth Clansham by Catherine E. Chapman

Catherine E. Chapman:

Really thrilled with YA author, Joanne Armstrong’s review of ‘Elizabeth Clansham,’ featured on author, Ingrid Hall’s blog:

Originally posted on Author Ingrid Hall:

Elizabeth Clansham


A mesmerising read, skilfully and humorously woven together.

Catherine E Chapman is a writer of women’s fiction and romance. Her longer works have been described as quirky romances and accessible character fiction, her writing style said to be filmic. She also writes shorter fiction in the genre of historical romance.

Her books are available from Smashwords, their retailers and Amazon.

For those interested in a taste of Chapman’s contemporary writing, the short stories, ‘The Ramblers,’ ‘Opening Night,’ ‘The Family Tree,’ ‘The Office Party’ and ‘All the Trimmings’, are available to download free from Smashwords.

‘Elizabeth Clansham’ is a contemporary romance, set in the Highlands of Scotland.

 Elizabeth Clansham arrives in a small Scottish village to teach literature. Well, in fact what she really is doing is running away from dealing with the loss of her father and the realisation that she has no meaningful “others” in…

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Luna Ballantyne’s ‘Freedom – Sensual Liaison Series Book 1′

Luna Ballantyne's book, release date 18th October 2014

Luna Ballantyne’s book, release date 18th October 2014

Advance notice of Luna Ballantyne’s book, ‘Freedom,’ which will be released on 18th October.  For readers of erotica, who enjoy time travel themes, this sounds like a great read.  Here’s a review:

“Time travel, what can I say. I love it in all its forms. I do, however, have to say that I had never read one quite like this. Luna not only understands female sexuality, but has managed to get into the brains and loins of the male psyche as well, in a totally believable and realistic manner.

‘Freedom’ is not only a wonderful time travel story set in Newcastle, England, today and 1636, but has witches and erotica. Sex is integral to the story as The Highwayman is cursed with being a gigolo, a role that isn’t always a curse to him, as when he meets Zara, who is celebrating her divorce with the hopes of a wild, steamy freedom night.

The story left me satisfied, yet wanting more. I want to know what fate awaits Max and wished to learn more about his cursor, Elizabetha. I needed more of her and hope that when, “Compromised – The Sensual Liaisons Series Book 2,” comes out in 2015, I get it.”

To find out more, head over to


‘Collected Romances’ on Kindle Countdown this weekend

'Three Medieval Romances' - New Book Cover

‘Three Medieval Romances’ – New Book Cover

‘Three Medieval Romances’ recently had a face-lift, and I’m thrilled with this new cover, which suits the book perfectly.  If you’re an Amazon customer, you can acquire the stories included in ‘Three Medieval Romances’ in an even better value deal this weekend by buying my ‘Collected Romances’ whilst it’s featured on Kindle Countdown.

‘Collected Romances,’ my anthology of seven short historical romances, will be priced at only 99c (99p in UK) from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th October – that’s seven stories for the normal price of one!

If you read and enjoy the collection, I would really appreciate reviews, recommendations and ratings on Amazon and elsewhere.

Also on Amazon, ‘Elizabeth Clansham’ is now free to download on both the .com and UK sites:

‘Rhiannon’ Revamped!

The new cover design for 'Rhiannon,' short Medieval romance

The new cover design for ‘Rhiannon,’ short Medieval romance

I’m delighted with my new cover for Medieval romance, ‘Rhiannon.’

This was designed by Melissa Alvarez.

It’s not long now until my Kindle Countdown Deal Promo for Collected Romances, my historical romance anthology which includes ‘Rhiannon,’ along with my six other published short romances.

At the start of this deal (3rd October) you’ll be able to buy seven stories for the price of one!

‘Brizecombe Hall’ Gets A Make-Over…

New Book Cover for 'Brizecombe Hall,' short historical romance

New Book Cover for ‘Brizecombe Hall,’ short historical romance

… because apparently books really are judged by their covers!

I have been digesting the advice of Mark Coker (Smashwords Founder and Self-Publishing Guru) and, as a result, have decided to embark on a process of revamping my bookcovers.  Having now become a lot clearer about defining my short historical stories as ‘Romance,’ I figure that, accordingly, their covers should be romantic!

First to get the treatment is ‘Brizecombe Hall,’ my Regency / Victorian romance.  I acquired this cover from Self Pub Book and I’m really thrilled with it.  Their site is a great concept, I think, connecting authors and artists and enabling authors to browse loads of designers’ images and customise them.

In other news, I’m delighted that the current promo of ‘Elizabeth Clansham‘ has now filtered through to, where readers have started to download the book for free.

‘Elizabeth Clansham’ – Free on Smashwords

'Elizabeth Clansham' - an off-beat romance set in the Scottish Highlands

‘Elizabeth Clansham’ – an off-beat romance set in the Scottish Highlands

To herald the referendum on Scottish independence, celebrate the long-awaited return of Kate Bush to the stage and mark the drawing in of the nights here in the UK, Elizabeth Clansham is currently free to download from Smashwords & its retailers:

It’s a novel in two parts and has been described as a quirky romance.  I categorise it as women’s fiction too.  There are a number of good reviews on Goodreads and elsewhere and I would love to have more so if you do read the book and enjoy it, please post a review.