‘Rhiannon’ free on Smashwords

Rhiannon cover

‘Rhiannon’ – free Medieval romance

My Medieval romance, ‘Rhiannon,’ is currently free to download from Smashwords and its retailers:


Here’s the blurb:

Rhiannon, a Welsh farmer’s daughter, is smuggled into a walled English garrison town. Harboured by a merchant and his son, her happiness is shattered when her presence in their home is discovered. Taken to the castle, Rhiannon’s fate lies in the hands of Lord Edward. Will he believe Rhiannon’s claim that all she wants is to be a lady?

It’s a short Medieval romance that’s adult in tone.  If you read and enjoy the story, reviews, recommendations and ratings would be appreciated.

The Family Tree – free short story on Smashwords

‘The Family Tree’ – book cover

I have a new short story free to download from Smashwords & its retailers.  It’s called, ‘The Family Tree’:


When Jack finds a wooden box in his grandma’s attic, a family secret is unearthed and his grandma faces a dilemma: should she keep it in the family or keep it to herself?

I hope readers enjoy it and, as ever, would appreciate feedback and ratings.

‘Brizecombe Hall’ – Free on Smashwords

Bronte 1To celebrate the forthcoming 198th birthday of Charlotte Bronte, my novelette, ‘Brizecombe Hall,’ is currently free from Smashwords & its retailers:





It’s also currently topping the rankings on Amazon in the ‘Short Romance Reads’ and ‘Victorian Historical Romance’ categories:


As ever, I’m delighted when readers rate, review and recommend the book.  Many thanks to all who have provided invaluable feedback on my writing.  If you read ‘Brizecombe Hall’ during this free promo, I hope you enjoy it.

‘Braggot Park’ – Free on Smashwords

Braggot Park,’ a romantic novelette set in Elizabethan England, described in a recent review as being, ‘very well-written and fast-paced,’ is currently free to download from Smashwords & their retailers:






‘Clifton’ – Free Novella on Smashwords

Clifton cover SWMy novella, ‘Clifton,’ is currently free from Smashwords & their retailers:





Part- romance, dark comedy and tragedy, it’s another of my works of contemporary fiction that leaves me pondering whether it’s properly categorised as romance or not…

‘Opening Night’ – Free short story on Smashwords

I have a new short story available to download for free on Smashwords, ‘Opening Night’:


Here’s the blurb:

Lisa is invited to the opening night of the local am-dram production by her friend, Maddie.  There she encounters Jason, an old flame, but she’s daunted by the glamorous young woman on his arm.  Just who is Alice?

It should be available from all their retailers soon.  It’s just appeared on Barnes & Noble and already has a really nice 4-star review, which I’m delighted about:


I only publish these very short stories (1 – 2k words) via Smashwords as I can’t make them permanently free on Amazon.  They’re all things that I originally wrote to submit to Women’s magazines, so it’s great to give them a new lease of life as free tasters of my writing.

‘Braggot Park’ – Elizabethan Romance

My latest short romance, Braggot Park, a story set in Elizabethan England, is free on Kindle until New Year’s Eve:



Here’s the blurb:

Eliza, lady-in-waiting to Lady Jane Braggot, is sent, ostensibly to work in the household of the noblewoman’s brother-in-law, Sir Richard, but really to spy on him.  Lady Jane suspects that Sir Richard is involved in a treason plot.

Upon arrival at Braggot Park, Eliza encounters Sir Richard’s son, Lorenzo, and swiftly falls under his spell.

With time, Eliza learns that all is not as it seems at Braggot Park and, when her liaison with Lorenzo is discovered by Lady Jane, she faces a dilemma: should she obey Lorenzo’s wish that she keep his secret or redeem herself by telling Sir Richard the truth about the goings on at Braggot Park?

If you read & enjoy the story, I would appreciate reviews, recommendations & ratings on Amazon & elsewhere.