The Beacon Singer

My full-length novel, ‘The Beacon Singer’, is now available from Smashwords and from Amazon UK and US.  At 120,000 words and written in three volumes, it’s something of a mini-saga, set in the English Lake District.

‘Chapman is a very fine writer, she has wonderful talent with description, a keen eye for plot twists and pace,’ (4-star review of ‘The Beacon Singer’, March 2012).

Any Amazon UK users who aren’t already aware of it, why not check out Goodreads’ Amazon UK Forum for more information on authors and books?


Elizabeth Clansham

My novella, ‘Elizabeth Clansham,’ is available to buy from Smashwords and their retailers, and from Amazon (UK and US).  It’s a contemporary, realist story, set in the Scottish Highlands, with romantic storylines.

‘A finely-crafted tale of social interactions, of love and of finding yourself, all tied up into small-town life,’ (Goodreads review, Sept. 2011).  To read more reviews, see the book’s Goodreads page.

The book is now also available in print from CreateSpace & Amazon.

Brizecombe Hall – Regency Romance

‘Brizecombe Hall’, my late Regency / early Victorian novelette, has had some very positive 5-star reviews on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.  I’m really pleased that readers get the idea that it’s an homage to the Bronte sisters & Jane Austen.  It adheres to many of the requirements of the historical romance genre, although one early review did complain about the lack of snogging!

‘Great book, great read, I recommend it to all,’ (5-star review of Brizecombe Hall, Apple Australia, 2012).

Romance or not romance?

That’s the question that’s bugged me for a long time regarding my writing so it seems the obvious title for my blog.

I’m an indie writer of fiction (e-books and some print publications), aimed -principally but not exclusively!- at a female readership.  My longer-length fiction is realist and contemporary and is concerned with relationships – many of them amorous.  However, my writing doesn’t always adhere to the conventions of the romance genre and feedback from some readers has suggested that it isn’t properly defined as romance.  ‘Character fiction’ is an alternative label that has been applied to it.

I also write shorter fiction, mostly in the genre of historical romance.  Overall, then, I’m often uncertain whether to label my books as romance or something else – hence the title!