Christmas 2012-13 Update

Danburgh cover 2bI have various things to report happening over the festive season.  Firstly, I’m running two promotions:

World War II romantic novelette, ‘The Hangar Dance’ will be free on Amazon from 26th – 27th December.

Elizabeth Clansham, my contemporary novella set in the Scottish Highlands, is now free to download from Smashwords.  If you’re looking for a Christmas read, it’s the perfect book as much of the action is set over the holiday period and it’s a compact enough read to complete over the holidays!

I hope you enjoy reading the books if you download them and, as always, will be very appreciative of positive ratings, recommendations and reviews anywhere and everywhere!

Also, over Christmas, I will be publishing Danburgh Castle, Medieval novelette, on Smashwords – see the new wintry cover above!  This has received mixed reviews so far (much more favourable from UK readers than US, in general, interestingly enough) but I think if you like your heroes tall, dark and commanding and your romances short, dark and gothic in tone, it may be a story for you!  Excitingly, Danburgh Castle has recently had its first downloads on Amazon Japan, which I’m really thrilled about!

Lastly, I’ve also been really pleased to discover in recent times that ‘Brizecombe Hall’ continues to attract attention from fans of the Bronte sisters.  It’s currently being read by Swedish-UK blogger, Traxy, as part of her marathon campaign to read all things Jane Eyre-related.  It’s also featured on an Italian Jane Eyre fan-site.

Well, with those global snippets of info., I shall wrap up.  I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and happy reading over the holidays.