‘High Sea’ – Short Victorian Romance

'High Sea' -Victorian Romance- book cover

‘High Sea’ -Victorian Romance- book cover

My latest novelette in the genre of historical romance is ‘High Sea,’ a story set in the Victorian era.  Here’s the blurb:

 Samantha, a seamstress, stows away on a ship bound for Australia, disguised as a boy. Discovered by the ship’s doctor, John Seacombe, she becomes his assistant. However, she rapidly finds that her growing feelings for Doctor John mean that her disguise is a hindrance, rather than a help. And when the feisty Estelle McEwan enters the scene, things become even more complicated for Sam.

As an introductory promotion, the book will be free on Amazon Kindle from 16th – 20th August:



I hope readers enjoy it.  Although the Victorian era is familiar territory for me, this books differs from most of my writing in that it’s written from the point of view of a first person narrator.  (I actually have in mind the narrative style of earlier, 18th century novels.)  So, in this respect, it’s a departure.  I’ve written short stories in the first person but tend to go for third person narrators for anything longer, but I really enjoyed writing in the voice of Sam / Samantha!

If you read ‘High Sea’ and like it, I would appreciate reviews and ratings on Amazon and elsewhere.


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