‘Collected Romances’ – on Amazon Kindle

'Collected Romances' book cover

‘Collected Romances’ book cover

I have published a collection of my seven short historical romances on Amazon Kindle, to give readers a book that is of overall novel-length:



‘Collected Romances’ contains the short stories: Brizecombe Hall, Kitty, The Hangar Dance, Danburgh Castle, Braggot Park, Rhiannon and High Sea.  At $2.99 it’s great value compared to buying the stories individually.

I do appreciate that some readers are either looking for only clean romances or are after something more sensual, and this collection contains both, so all stories may not be to everbody’s liking!

To clarify the rating of the stories, Brizecombe Hall, Kitty and The Hangar Dance are all sweet romances.  They are also available in the collection, ‘Three Romances,’ from both Amazon and Smashwords.

High Sea, only available individually at Amazon at present, is also a sweet romance.

Danburgh Castle, Braggot Park and Rhiannon are more sensual romances and are available as a collection of ‘Three Medieval Romances‘ from both Amazon and Smashwords.

I’m really pleased to be having lots of downloads of both Collected Romances and High Sea through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited programme.  It seems this is a great way for authors to connect with new readers.

I’m running a promo of Collected Romances on Amazon Kindle from Friday 3rd October.  It’s a Kindle Countdown Deal, which means that on Amazon UK, the book will cost 99p, rather than £1.99, from 3rd – 10th October, and that on Amazon.com it will cost $0.99 from 3-5 October and then $1.99 from 6-10 October, so if you’d like to buy the book but want to hold out for a bargain price, grab it on 3rd October!


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