Tips for Writing a Synopsis

Good advice on writing synopses from UK literary agent, Eve White:

The Eve White Blog.

The synopsis is often the part of a submission authors are most apprehensive about. It is difficult to determine how to reduce your entire manuscript into just one page and how much of the plot to reveal. We hope that our comprehensive guide on how to write an effective synopsis will shed some light.

The aim of the synopsis is to guide us through the plot, so tell us exactly how your character gets from the beginning to the end, omitting anything that is not critical to the novel.

Don’t get caught up in extraneous detail – save it for your manuscript where you will be able to develop your ideas fully rather than underselling them in a few brief words in the synopsis.

Remember that this is a synopsis and not a blurb. We need to know what happens in the end, so that we can assess…

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