Review of ‘Art & Grace’ by Elodie’s Reading Corner

‘Art & Grace’

Many thanks to Elodie for her very thoughtful review of ‘Art & Grace.’

Elodie’s comments about the relationship between the sisters being of greater significance than the romantic plot lines in the book are of interest to me as ‘Art & Grace’ is a novel that I keep chopping and changing the generic categorisations for.  It’s not a generic Regency romance but, since the romance is a very significant part of the story, I alternate between Historical Romance, Historical Fiction and Women’s Fiction in categorising the book.  What I think best describes it is the label, ‘Women’s Romantic Historical Fiction’ but that’s not a categorisation on Amazon!  And, as fellow authors will know, Amazon requires two categories (a primary and secondary one).  I have yet to settle for good on two of my three possibles!

Here’s a link to the review on Elodie’s Facebook site:

Anyway, for anybody who’s interested in reading a work of Women’s Romantic Historical Fiction, ‘Art & Grace’ is on Kindle Countdown until 23rd October, so is only 99c and 99p on Amazon .com and UK.  Elsewhere it is the equivalent of $2.99 USD.  It is also available on Kindle Unlimited on .com, UK and in various other countries.  And it is available in print from Amazon, Book Depository and various other retailers.

My Interview on Rita Lee Chapman’s Blog

I’m delighted to have recently been a guest author on Rita Lee Chapman’s blog.  Read the interview here:

Rita Chapman’s Guest Author page

Many thanks to Rita for hosting me and featuring ‘Art & Grace.’

Kindle Countdown Deal – ‘Art & Grace’

‘Art & Grace’ on Kindle Countdown

I’m running a Kindle Countdown deal for ‘Art & Grace,’ from 22nd to 29th August.  During that period the book will be 99c / 99p, rather than its usual price of $2.99.

“This is not your normal Regency novel; it’s something different. Well-written, with plenty to love throughout, it’s a story that will have you hooked,” (Bibliophile Ramblings).

My Review of ‘Sal’ by Mick Kitson

Since it’s World Book Day, I thought it would be good for the soul to write a review of a book I recently read and thoroughly enjoyed.  Sal, by Mick Kitson, is newly-published on Amazon.

It’s difficult to broach the main theme of this book without giving too much away. Suffice to say that Sal commits the most serious of crimes and yet has the reader’s full sympathy. The book explores the extents to which Sal goes in the name of sisterly love but the most poignant aspect of the narrative is her endless support of her errant mother. A strong tension is created in that Sal’s stark recounting of events leaves the reader feeling far less sympathetic towards Maw.

I loved this book. It wasn’t for the fine detailing of Sal and Peppa’s time in the wilderness but for the compelling nature of the underlying story that Sal is telling throughout. The classic adventure stories that are referenced in the book are, superficially, the model for what this story itself is, but, at a deeper level, Sal leaves us questioning the society in which we live today.

Guest Author Spot

I’m delighted to be guest author on Rita Lee Chapman’s site this week.  This is to coincide with a free run of my new, short contemporary romance, ‘The Fight for Dolores,’ free on Amazon from 25th to 29th May.

Many thanks to Rita for featuring me and the book: