‘Braggot Park’ – Free Elizabethan Romance

'Braggot Park,' short historical romance

‘Braggot Park,’ short historical romance

My short romance set in Elizabethan England, ‘Braggot Park,’ is free on Smashwords over the festive period:


I love my new book cover for the story, which sums up not only its historical setting, but also its fast-paced intrigue.  I hope readers enjoy it and would appreciate reviews, recommendations and ratings.

Happy holidays!


‘Collected Romances’ now on Smashwords

'Collected Romances' now on Smashwords

‘Collected Romances’ now on Smashwords

I’m delighted to announce that ‘Collected Romances,’ my anthology of seven short historical romances, is now published on Smashwords and is also available via its retailers (Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, etc.):

‘Collected Romances’ on Smashwords

‘Collected Romances’ on Nook

‘Collected Romances’ on Apple US

I’m also happy to report that it’s enrolled in the Smashwords’ sale until the end of July, so you can buy it half-price ($1.50) from Smashwords until then.

‘Collected Romances’ Promo on Amazon

'Collected Romances' will be free on Kindle 11-15 March

‘Collected Romances’ will be free on Kindle 11-15 March

World Book Day seems a good time to announce that ‘Collected Romances,’ my anthology of seven short historical romances, will be free for the final time on Amazon from 11th to 15th March – ending on Mother’s Day, here in the UK!



If you read and enjoy the book, I would appreciate reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

‘Collected Romances’ on Kindle Countdown this weekend

'Three Medieval Romances' - New Book Cover

‘Three Medieval Romances’ – New Book Cover

‘Three Medieval Romances’ recently had a face-lift, and I’m thrilled with this new cover, which suits the book perfectly.  If you’re an Amazon customer, you can acquire the stories included in ‘Three Medieval Romances’ in an even better value deal this weekend by buying my ‘Collected Romances’ whilst it’s featured on Kindle Countdown.

‘Collected Romances,’ my anthology of seven short historical romances, will be priced at only 99c (99p in UK) from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th October – that’s seven stories for the normal price of one!



If you read and enjoy the collection, I would really appreciate reviews, recommendations and ratings on Amazon and elsewhere.

Also on Amazon, ‘Elizabeth Clansham’ is now free to download on both the .com and UK sites:



‘Collected Romances’ – on Amazon Kindle

'Collected Romances' book cover

‘Collected Romances’ book cover

I have published a collection of my seven short historical romances on Amazon Kindle, to give readers a book that is of overall novel-length:



‘Collected Romances’ contains the short stories: Brizecombe Hall, Kitty, The Hangar Dance, Danburgh Castle, Braggot Park, Rhiannon and High Sea.  At $2.99 it’s great value compared to buying the stories individually.

I do appreciate that some readers are either looking for only clean romances or are after something more sensual, and this collection contains both, so all stories may not be to everbody’s liking!

To clarify the rating of the stories, Brizecombe Hall, Kitty and The Hangar Dance are all sweet romances.  They are also available in the collection, ‘Three Romances,’ from both Amazon and Smashwords.

High Sea, only available individually at Amazon at present, is also a sweet romance.

Danburgh Castle, Braggot Park and Rhiannon are more sensual romances and are available as a collection of ‘Three Medieval Romances‘ from both Amazon and Smashwords.

I’m really pleased to be having lots of downloads of both Collected Romances and High Sea through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited programme.  It seems this is a great way for authors to connect with new readers.

I’m running a promo of Collected Romances on Amazon Kindle from Friday 3rd October.  It’s a Kindle Countdown Deal, which means that on Amazon UK, the book will cost 99p, rather than £1.99, from 3rd – 10th October, and that on Amazon.com it will cost $0.99 from 3-5 October and then $1.99 from 6-10 October, so if you’d like to buy the book but want to hold out for a bargain price, grab it on 3rd October!

‘Braggot Park’ – Free on Smashwords

Braggot Park,’ a romantic novelette set in Elizabethan England, described in a recent review as being, ‘very well-written and fast-paced,’ is currently free to download from Smashwords & their retailers:






‘Braggot Park’ – Elizabethan Romance

My latest short romance, Braggot Park, a story set in Elizabethan England, is free on Kindle until New Year’s Eve:



Here’s the blurb:

Eliza, lady-in-waiting to Lady Jane Braggot, is sent, ostensibly to work in the household of the noblewoman’s brother-in-law, Sir Richard, but really to spy on him.  Lady Jane suspects that Sir Richard is involved in a treason plot.

Upon arrival at Braggot Park, Eliza encounters Sir Richard’s son, Lorenzo, and swiftly falls under his spell.

With time, Eliza learns that all is not as it seems at Braggot Park and, when her liaison with Lorenzo is discovered by Lady Jane, she faces a dilemma: should she obey Lorenzo’s wish that she keep his secret or redeem herself by telling Sir Richard the truth about the goings on at Braggot Park?

If you read & enjoy the story, I would appreciate reviews, recommendations & ratings on Amazon & elsewhere.