‘The Office Party’ – free Christmas story

'The Office Party' book coverPublished well in time for Christmas(!) is my latest short story, ‘The Office Party.’  It’s available to download free from Smashwords and their retailers.  Here’s the blurb:

In the run up to their Christmas works’ party, Maria’s colleague, Clair, has her eye on the new guy, Alex. But it’s Maria herself who finds she’s the object of unexpected attention. A short story for Christmas.




As ever, I hope readers enjoy it and would appreciate reviews, recommendations and ratings.


‘Brizecombe Hall’ – Free on Smashwords

Bronte 1To celebrate the forthcoming 198th birthday of Charlotte Bronte, my novelette, ‘Brizecombe Hall,’ is currently free from Smashwords & its retailers:





It’s also currently topping the rankings on Amazon in the ‘Short Romance Reads’ and ‘Victorian Historical Romance’ categories:


As ever, I’m delighted when readers rate, review and recommend the book.  Many thanks to all who have provided invaluable feedback on my writing.  If you read ‘Brizecombe Hall’ during this free promo, I hope you enjoy it.

‘Clifton’ – Free Novella on Smashwords

Clifton cover SWMy novella, ‘Clifton,’ is currently free from Smashwords & their retailers:





Part- romance, dark comedy and tragedy, it’s another of my works of contemporary fiction that leaves me pondering whether it’s properly categorised as romance or not…

‘Opening Night’ – Free short story on Smashwords

I have a new short story available to download for free on Smashwords, ‘Opening Night’:


Here’s the blurb:

Lisa is invited to the opening night of the local am-dram production by her friend, Maddie.  There she encounters Jason, an old flame, but she’s daunted by the glamorous young woman on his arm.  Just who is Alice?

It should be available from all their retailers soon.  It’s just appeared on Barnes & Noble and already has a really nice 4-star review, which I’m delighted about:


I only publish these very short stories (1 – 2k words) via Smashwords as I can’t make them permanently free on Amazon.  They’re all things that I originally wrote to submit to Women’s magazines, so it’s great to give them a new lease of life as free tasters of my writing.

‘The Beacon Singer’ – Free on Smashwords

The Beacon Singer book coverMy novel, The Beacon Singer, is currently free from Smashwords & its retailers.


Here’s the blurb:

Jane Lake, disillusioned with her career as a jazz singer and frustrated in love, returns home from London to a small town in the English Lake District.  Reacquainting herself with her circle of women-friends: Ruth, Sarah and Margaret, it becomes apparent that their lives of rural isolation are not as tranquil as they first appear: Sarah’s long-term partner, Philip, is in amorous pursuit of Margaret’s adolescent daughter, Stella.

Jane intends her stay in the family home to be short.  Her rehabilitation, however, becomes protracted and she discovers that those about her -including her mother- are embroiled in the small town’s romantic bohemian scene.  Her sense of dejection intensifying as she realises that most of the men she’s interested in prefer her younger brother, David, Jane increasingly relies upon the bottle in order to maintain a rational view of things.

Long-standing friendships cannot be maintained without rivalry and resentment playing their part.  As the plot thickens involving the various key-players in Jane’s life, she herself teeters between personal jeopardy and a burgeoning self-knowledge that might just permit the prospect of love…

Described by some readers as a quirky romance, The Beacon Singer is also something of a mini-saga.  If you read and enjoy it, I would appreciate all reviews, recommendations and ratings.



Three Romances Published on Smashwords

‘Three Romances,’ the collection of stories comprising ‘Brizecombe Hall,’ ‘Kitty’ and ‘The Hangar Dance,’ is now available on Smashwords (complete with a distinctive new cover!) and will shortly be available from its retailers too:


I was really pleased to discover this morning that ‘The Hangar Dance,’ one of the stories in the collection, was almost! within the top 5k books on Amazon UK ranking – not bad for my little World War II romance!

‘Clifton’ – August Bank Holiday Promotion

Clifton cover KDPMy latest publication on Kindle is, ‘Clifton,’ a contemporary novella with elements of romance but equally of dark comedy and tragedy.  Here’s the blurb:

‘This isn’t my life…’ Michelle, involuntarily-single thirty-something, is living beyond her means but desperate to retain the flat and urbane lifestyle she enjoys in the sought-after suburb of Clifton. When she meets Lawrence, successful businessman, she thinks her prayers may have been answered.
Lowenna and Jack’s marriage is falling apart. But Adam loves Lowenna infinitely – whilst Imelda loves Jack madly.
Love is never straightforward, particularly not when it’s played out against a backdrop of aspiration, ambition and graft. Imelda learns this lesson the hard way…
The book will be free on Kindle from Friday 23rd – Tuesday 27th August:
If you read & enjoy it, I would be really appreciative of reviews, recommendations and ratings on Amazon and elsewhere.