‘Art & Grace’ – Regency Romance 99c / 99p on Kindle Countdown

‘Art & Grace’ on Kindle Countdown

For anybody seeking a romantic Regency escape in isolation, ‘Art & Grace’ is only 99c / 99p on Kindle on Amazon .com and UK from Easter Monday (13th) until Sunday 19th April:



“Clean and uplifting; a pleasure to read,” (5-star review, Amazon.com).


World Book Day

All my short historical romance anthologies are enrolled in the promotion.

As World Book Day approaches, I’m delighted to have my collections of short historical romances enrolled in Smashwords’ Read an Ebook Week.  During the course of the week, you can buy ‘Three Romances’ and ‘Three Medieval Romances’ for just 99c and get all seven of my historical shorts for just $1.49 in ‘Collected Romances’.  From my profile page, click on the relevant book; the discount codes will show up on the book pages once the promo begins:


Happy reading!


‘Art & Grace’ on Bookish Indulgences

Many thanks to Debdatta for featuring ‘Art & Grace’ within her Valentine’s ‘Love is in the Air’ feature.  The post includes an excerpt from the opening of the novel :


‘Art & Grace’ – 99c / 99p Regency Novel on Kindle Countdown

‘Art & Grace’ 99c / 99p on Kindle Countdown

I’m running a Kindle Countdown promotion for ‘Art & Grace’ from Tuesday 14th to Monday 20th January.  During this time the ebook will be 99c on Amazon.com and 99p on Amazon in the UK:



“This may undeniably be a Regency Romance but it’s a fresh and modern take for those who like their heroines more active … with the ability to look out for themselves in a cut-throat world.”


Two Reviews of ‘Art & Grace’

‘Art & Grace’ – A Regency Novel

I’m delighted to have received two very interesting reviews of ‘Art & Grace’ recently.  The opinions of Laurie and Alana, both of whom read and review a lot of genre romance, are invaluable to me, as they shed further light on the categorisation of the novel.  The review on ‘Laurie Reads Romance’ suggests that ‘Art & Grace’ is as much a work of women’s fiction as it is historical romance, and the ‘Dream Come Review’ write-up describes how the book is more closely aligned to ‘classic’ Regency literature than contemporary, genre Regency Romance.  Many thanks to Laurie and Alana for their feedback, which is as enlightening to me as it will be to prospective readers.



‘Art & Grace’ Print Book GiveAway on LibraryThing

‘Art & Grace’ Print Giveaway on LibraryThing

Until November 19th, I’m running a giveaway of 5 copies of ‘Art & Grace’ via LibraryThing’s Member Giveaway scheme.  You can sign up for the chance to receive a paperback copy of the book if you are resident in US, UK, Canada, France or Germany.  In return, I would be really appreciative of a review of the book on Amazon and elsewhere.  Here’s the link to the Giveaway page – ‘Art & Grace’ is towards the bottom of the list, in amongst other print books on offer:


Avid Bards’ Review of ‘Art & Grace’

Reviews, it seems, are like buses; I’m delighted to report I’ve received two in one day today!  One was posted on Amazon.com and the other was on AvidBards’ website:


My thanks to Scheherazade for her very thorough and considered review of ‘Art & Grace.’  I really do appreciate when a reviewer takes such care over commenting on one of my books.  I also love the photo in their post – the book resting on the ledge of a very Regency-looking window!

Thank you, Scheherazade and Zahrah, for featuring ‘Art & Grace’ on AvidBards!