‘Brizecombe Hall’ Gets A Make-Over…

New Book Cover for 'Brizecombe Hall,' short historical romance

New Book Cover for ‘Brizecombe Hall,’ short historical romance

… because apparently books really are judged by their covers!

I have been digesting the advice of Mark Coker (Smashwords Founder and Self-Publishing Guru) and, as a result, have decided to embark on a process of revamping my bookcovers.  Having now become a lot clearer about defining my short historical stories as ‘Romance,’ I figure that, accordingly, their covers should be romantic!

First to get the treatment is ‘Brizecombe Hall,’ my Regency / Victorian romance.  I acquired this cover from Self Pub Book Covers.com and I’m really thrilled with it.  Their site is a great concept, I think, connecting authors and artists and enabling authors to browse loads of designers’ images and customise them.

In other news, I’m delighted that the current promo of ‘Elizabeth Clansham‘ has now filtered through to Amazon.com, where readers have started to download the book for free.

‘Elizabeth Clansham’ – Free on Smashwords

To herald the referendum on Scottish independence, celebrate the long-awaited return of Kate Bush to the stage and mark the drawing in of the nights here in the UK, Elizabeth Clansham is currently free to download from Smashwords & its retailers:






It’s a novel in two parts and has been described as a quirky romance.  I categorise it as women’s fiction too.  There are a number of good reviews on Goodreads and elsewhere and I would love to have more so if you do read the book and enjoy it, please post a review.

Easter Update – two free books

Elizabeth Clansham book coverAs we approach Easter here in the UK, the weather is decidedly unseasonal.  The prevailing snow and sub-zero temperatures mean it’s the perfect time to take advantage of a final opportunity to acquire ‘Elizabeth Clansham,’ my novella set in the snowy Scottish Highlands, before it ceases to be free on Smashwords after Easter.  As the anti-hero, Andrew, is given to saying (though, of course, he doesn’t actually adhere to his adage), ‘It’s the things you don’t do in life that you regret,’ so get hold of the book for free while you still can!

Also free on Smashwords at present is my World War II novelette, ‘TheHangar Dance.’

If you read and enjoy either book, I’d be appreciative of ratings, recommendations and reviews anywhere and everywhere.

Happy Easter!

Elizabeth Clansham

My novella, ‘Elizabeth Clansham,’ is available to buy from Smashwords and their retailers, and from Amazon (UK and US).  It’s a contemporary, realist story, set in the Scottish Highlands, with romantic storylines.

‘A finely-crafted tale of social interactions, of love and of finding yourself, all tied up into small-town life,’ (Goodreads review, Sept. 2011).  To read more reviews, see the book’s Goodreads page.

The book is now also available in print from CreateSpace & Amazon.