‘Art & Grace’ – on Sale Now!

This week the toppled statue of Bristol Slave Trader, Edward Colston, has been unveiled in its new museum location. Coincidentally, the ebook of my interracial romantic novel, set in Regency Bristol, is on sale widely, priced at 99c or equivalent. You can find it on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd and Smashwords, with more ratings and reviews to be found on Goodreads.

‘Art & Grace’ is a book that brings me back to my recurring question as to whether much of my writing is best described as romance or not. The dark theme of the transatlantic slave trade is an aspect of the novel that obviously undermines its identity as a romance but it’s also been viewed by readers and reviewers as being more properly regarded as women’s fiction, since the friendship of the female characters, Bess and Artemisia, is so central to the story.

If you read ‘Art & Grace,’ I’d be appreciative of reviews, ratings and recommendations, on retail sites and elsewhere.

The sale price continues into mid-June.

‘The Fight for Dolores’ – Free short read

On Saint Patrick’s Day, why not dive into a short romantic read, set in rural Ireland? ‘The Fight for Dolores’ is free on Nook, Apple, Kobo, Scribd and Smashwords:






“Easy to read and enjoyable.” “A feel-good story.”

‘The Knight’s Falconess’ – Bookshelf Adventures’ Review

‘The Knight’s Falconess,’ available on Kindle

It’s Mothers’ Day here in UK and I had a nice surprise to discover Bookshelf Adventures’ Review of ‘The Knight’s Falconess.’  Many thanks to Julie for her very considered observations on the book.  I was delighted to read that she enjoyed the descriptive aspects of the writing.  I’m not a naturally descriptive writer and really have to discipline myself to commit exactly what I’m seeing in my mind’s eye to paper!  Here’s the review:


‘The Knight’s Falconess’ is $2.99 on Kindle and still available on Kindle Unlimited:



‘The Knight’s Falconess’ – Bibliophile Ramblings’ Review

I’m so delighted with Bibliophile Ramblings’ very thoughtful review of ‘The Knight’s Falconess.’ Many thanks to Siobhan – check out her blog:

‘The Knight’s Falconess,’ sensual Medieval romance


My Books in Smashwords’ Read an eBook Week

From today (March 7th) until March 13th, four of my ebooks are half-price on Smashwords.

Half-price ebooks on Smashwords

‘Art & Grace’ and ‘Collected Romances’ are both $1.49



‘Three Romances’ and ‘Three Medieval Romances’ are both 99c



‘The Knight’s Falconess’ – 99c / 99p on Kindle Countdown

‘The Knight’s Falconess,’ my sensual Medieval romance, will be just 99c / 99p on Kindle in the US and UK from March 3rd to 9th. It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited:


‘The Knight’s Falconess’ – Medieval Romance on Kindle

If you’re looking for a Medieval romance to escape into this Valentine’s Day, ‘The Knight’s Falconess’ is available on Kindle for $2.99 and is also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited: http://www.amazon.com/Knights-Falconess-Catherine-Chapman-ebook/dp/B08LZDZ36H

‘The Knight’s Falconess,’ Medieval Romance

‘The Knight’s Falconess’ – Medieval Romance

I’m happy to report that, following a lengthy spell during which I was distracted from writing for various reasons, ‘The Knight’s Falconess’ is newly-published on Amazon Kindle and is available for review from NetGalley during November.

‘The Knight’s Falconess,’ sensual Medieval romance

Here’s the blurb:

The South-West of England in the late Fourteenth Century.  Zelda, daughter of a falconer in the service of Sir Hugh, suspects that the lord of the manor is attracted to her.  At home, she is being pressed to accept the attentions of Matthew, an apprentice mason.

When Zelda’s ill-judged scheme to seduce Hugh goes disastrously wrong, she fears herself out of favour.  But the incident leaves Hugh with the burgeoning sense that he has an alternative to his loveless engagement to the refined Lady Rosalind.  He pursues his falconer’s daughter, not foreseeing the consequences of his actions.

Their dalliance becomes complicated by Zelda’s realisation that she is expecting Hugh’s child.  The involvement of Hugh’s son Arthur and his companion, the young nobleman, Guy, only serves to muddle matters further. Zelda’s ambition to become a falconess is eclipsed by her desire to be a mother to Hugh’s child.  But the impetuous Rosalind has other ideas. Can Zelda escape the fate that the noblewoman plans for her?  Will she ever truly possess her Knight?


‘Danburgh Castle’ – Free on Smashwords

‘Danburgh Castle’ free on Smashwords

Smashwords has extended its ‘Authors Give Back’ sale and ‘Danburgh Castle,’ my short romance, set in Norman England, is now free on the site, using the coupon on the book’s page:


At ten thousand words, it’s a perfect read if you’re in need of a brief escape from real life.  If you read and enjoy the story, I’d appreciate reviews and ratings, on Smashwords and elsewhere.