Reviews of ‘The Beacon Singer’ & ‘Elizabeth Clansham’

Over the last few days I’ve been delighted to read the first review of ‘The Beacon Singer’, penned by women’s fiction writer, Darian Wilk.  Read the review and my guest post (about Jane Austen’s portraits and my ongoing angst concerning the romance genre!) here:

Reviews, it would seem, are like buses (or men, as poet Wendy Cope said!)  Not only did I receive my first review of ‘The Beacon Singer’ recently but I also received an unexpected review of ‘Elizabeth Clansham’ from Katy Sozeava, and I’m happy to say that, despite Katy’s open admission that romance is not really her thing, she enjoyed the book.  Read her review here:

I was particularly pleased that Katy appreciated the humour in the book and that she saw it as literary fiction, which was useful feedback in my eternal quest to properly describe the stuff I write…!


Read an Extract from ‘Elizabeth Clansham’

An extract from Elizabeth Clansham is featured on The Ruthin Trilogy blog this week.  Read it here: